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Our Signs


There is a heart and the text “adveniat regnum tuum” (thy Kingdom come) on the shield of the Sacred Heart Fathers Congregation.
We know very well that the heart is the symbol of love.
When we look at crucifixes, what happened to Jesus on the cross comes to mind. The soldier thrust a spear into His side. John, the Evangelist writes that from it came blood and water. Some saints and theologians have spoken about Jesus’ pierced heart. Of course, this is also a symbol of Jesus’ whole persona.
In this we see that Jesus’ heart, Jesus’ persona is the font of love, which flows in streams of grace and mercy. These streams touch us in the Church, which is also called the Body of Christ.
This small part of Christ’s Body has been revered by Leo Dehon’s Sacred Heart Fathers for over 100 years. This has been the building of kingdom of the heart of Jesus.

Our SCJ logo: an open heart and the letters SCJ (Sacerdotes a Sacra Corde Jesu).

S” (Sacerdotes) reminds us of the priestly calling of the people of God to make their lives a worthy thanks and reconciliation offering to the heavenly Father. Therefore we unite our lives to Jesus’ sacrifice of life especially in the Holy Eurcharist, in which his love and reconciling work become present in our midst and through which we participate in the fruits of His sacrifice. In our work we try to make the heartfelt love of our Saviour, and his work of reconciliation known. We guide people into our Saviour’s Eucharistic heart, which is the source of love and reconciliation. This priestly work belongs by reason of our baptism to every Christian—not only to priests, but also to laypeople. Although the clergy are called to represent the Redeemer in a special way in His Church and in His persona, all members of the Church are given the possibility to make of their lives in the Holy Spirit the glory, praise and thanksgiving to the heavenly Father that belongs only to God.
The “C” (Cor) in the centre stands for the heart, in which there is a picture of the world. It tells how much God has loved all people, and that He sent his own Son into the world to give it life. He came to save us from all that prevents us from accepting God’s love. In that way He reconciled heaven and earth with each other and gave to everyone, who believes in Him, a new heart. With it we can love God as Jesus loves God above all, and love our neighbours as ourselves. In Jesus’ company we strive to be prophets of love and servants of reconciliation for the good of the kingdom of His Sacred Heart.
J” (Jesus) reminds us that our Lord’s Sacred Heart is our lives greatest treasure. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the key, which opens to us the purpose of human life, the writings of Scripture, the mystery of the Church and every person’s calling, as well as our congregation’s mission. This J-letter calls us to gaze on the mysteries of our Lord.
In this way we learn from Him to live as He did, with a heart open to the Spirit of God, to understand the signs of our times and to fulfil the will of the Father as He did. At the same time our hearts open to our neighbours by selflessly bearing with Jesus our own responsibility in their lives, especially in their relationship to God, and especially to the Lord’s “least brethren”, the neglected and distressed of our society. In that way we accomplish with our Lord the reparation work in people’s hearts and society and we fulfil in our own bodies that which is lacking in Jesus’ sufferings for His body, the Church.
(Col. 1:24)
In this way the members of Leo Dehon’s spiritual family strive together to spread the kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the world as prophets of love and servants of reconciliation.


02 November 2010